Banana Pudding Parfait

What a simple non fat dessert you can make for your family or make in individual sizes for a fun party. My favorite childhood dessert was banana pudding with vanilla wafers, so this brings back lots of great memories. The best part about this dish is you can mix it up with different flavors and they will all taste delicious. I will tell you tho that you shouldn’t skip out on homemade whip cream. It taste way better then any other brand that is already whipped. So light and fluffy…. yummmmmmmmmmm. I will have to make this for family dinner because Patti would love it. Ryan loved it so much he ate all of his had half of mine! hahah

Here’s what you’ll need… Lots of options-6 servings

1 large package of banana pudding or Vanilla pudding-I LIKE TO USE SUGAR FREE
(You could get vanilla pudding and mix it in your mixer with real bananas for a better flavor)
2 Ripe bananas
1 1/2 cup of whipping cream
1 tbs of sweat and low or regular sugar
Vanilla Wafers

First you are going to make the pudding like it says on the package with a whisk. If you get Vanilla pudding and want to make banana pudding place vanilla pudding mix and chopped up bananas in a mixer and mix to well combined. Other wise just make the banana pudding from the box. Let it set in fridge for 5-10 minutes

Next slice up your bananas into 1/4 inches. 

Now mix your whipping cream with 1 Tbs of Sugar or sweat and low in a mixer until fluffy. This should take about 5 minutes. If you want it to be sweeter add more sugar.

Now either get a glass pan, cups, or mini muffin tins and place on the bottom vanilla wafers. 

(You can really build this which ever way you like)

Now add your pudding on top of the wafers. This will get them to sog up a bit. I also add wafers on the sides if it is in a cup because it is pretty!

Now place your chopped bananas in over the pudding.

Add your homemade whipped cream and layer it again or add bananas for garnish. Depends on how thin and thick you want your layers


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