Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy is defiantly one of my favorite child hood memories. My great grandmother would make it for us, then my Grandmother Linda, then my mom and dad got really good at it, and now My sisters and I are just as good at making it as they all were. Well we did have some pretty good cooks to teach us. Biscuits and gravy is an awesome tradition for Christmas morning and other special occasions. or just a good hang over cure. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll need.

1 package of country sausage. NO LINKS!
1 package of biscuits (or more if your feeding more.)

First your going to want to open your Sausage pack, the cheaper kind the better because it has more grease for the gravy, so more flavor. Slice into 1/2 inch pieces and brown them in a large saute pan on medium heat. The end pieces that are stuck to the package I like to chop up in tiny pieces and leave for the gravy grease-Save for later.

Take out cooked sausage and set aside. DO NOT DRAIN GREASE! The sausage grease is what gives the gravy flavor.

Next you will take about 3 TBS of flour and whisk into the sausage grease. It will start to clump up and bubble up, move in a circular motion. You should be doing this on medium heat. Add in those extra tiny pieces of sausage that you had left over from the package. 

Now start to whisk in some milk, a little at a time until it is a thickness you want. If you put to much in you can always add more flour. 

Now add in your salt and pepper to taste. 
It should be an off white color, and smell delicious.

While you make the gravy make sure you plan for your biscuits. I usually put in the biscuits right after I cook the sausage and I am about to start my gravy. 

When biscuits are done add your sausage and gravy to them! Yummmmm! I break mine up into little bite sized pieces and then pour gravy on top, Ryan slices the biscuit in half adds sausage then places gravy on it… WHAT WILL YOU DO????


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