Breakfast Burritos

These are another great idea to have for a grab and gone breakfast that freeze well. Ryan grabs one for breakfast in the morning and just heats it up and he’s on his way. They are also good for camping trips, or long car rides. Heat them up and get going! We bring these camping because you can put them right on the fire because they are wrapped in the foil and ready to serve after warmed up. I love breakfast burritos because everyone can make them their own to how they like them.
Here’s what you’ll need…
8 eggs
A bag of hash-browns
A meat- bacon, sausage or ham. Or make it vegetarian with cooked peppers and onions
2- cups of shredded cheese
1/2 cup of red bell peppers
1 cup of Salsa
1-2 cups of green chili
Salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste
Hot sauce- Optional
First you need to cook up your meat and scramble your eggs. ( See my delicious scrambled eggs recipe for this) Also add 1 cup of cheese with the eggs.
Next cook up your hash-browns in a pan- put S and P to taste.
Make your assembly line with warmed up tortillas ( 1-min in the microwave so they are easy to fold) eggs, hash browns, meat, green chili, bell peppers, cheese, salsa, and hot sauce.
Fold the side’s first then roll from one side to the other. Wrap them in foil. Make sure you mark them with a sharpie that they are breakfast burritos and the date!
Take out and warm and serve! Enjoy!

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