Egg Candy Bites

Ok so we were having breakfast for dinner for family dinner, so I thought these would be a perfect touch for a Breakfast meal. The best combo between sweet and salty. I also wish I would have made these for when we did Dr Suess week and made Green eggs and Bacon instead of ham for the kids in Pre-school. They would have loved them. They are perfect for a little treat for the kids or how about a Dr Suess themed Birthday party. Either way kids will love them, and they can actually help with this project! Make these with green M&M’s and read the book! SOOOO FUN!

Here’s what you’ll need…
1 bag of white chocolate chips
1 bag of M&M’s
1 Bag of Pretzel sticks

First you wil need to take out a baking sheet and place wax paper on top. Spread out your 2 pretzel sticks about 1/2 inch apart or closer. 

While you spread out the pretzels,Melt your white chocolate chips in a bowl in 30 second increments in microwave, Until melted. 

Take a spoon and drizzle about 1-2 tsp of white chocolate on-top of the pretzels in a circle, it will spread like an egg. 

Next sort through your M&M’s and pick out all the yellow ones. This will help if you have a kid that wants to help, he or she will love to do this. I also added in some green ones as a surprise for the whole Green eggs and Ham idea. LOL

Place M&M in the middle of the white chocolate, and you have your egg!

Last let them sit for 5 mins or place in freezer for 2 mins to cool… 

Eat and Enjoy! Super simple activity that takes about 10 minutes!!!

Have fun!

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