English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

This is a great breakfast idea that is half the work of making a ton of things. We will put all the ingredients in one! These are also great to wrap in foil and freeze for a breakfast to go. These are also goow with egg whites and as an open sandwich! My Step-Father Larry Loves these!

Here’s what you’ll need

English muffins
Eggs- 2 per person
Bacon bites- they are already cooked. Find in the refrigerated isle. 
S and P
MR DASH Table Blend
Salsa- Optional

First you will need to mix up your eggs in a bowl- Check my egg recipe or with these I like to use Mr DASH TABLE BLEND instead of garlic. 

Place butter in pan and scramble up your eggs.

Toast up your English muffins. Place cheese on the bottom side.

Add your eggs, place bacon on top. Adding a little cheese on top.

Top with salsa if you would like. eat and be happy.


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