French Dips

French Dips (with baked Sweet Potato Fries-see other post)
This is a very yummy idea that is fast and easy to make for a quick dinner! I love roast beef and anything you can dip goes great for me and for kids ha ha. This is great for a dinner or a lunch that you want a hot, delicious sandwich. Also this is a very inexpensive dinner to make!
Here’s what you’ll need…
1 lb-Roast beef from the deli- (this will make 4-5 sandwiches)
1-packet of Au Ju
1-Bag of your favorite Sandwich rolls from the bakery
1-Medium yellow onion
A Package of your favorite cheese slices- Great with provolone or Swiss
Butter and Garlic salt for bread
First slice your onions and start to sauté in a pan until they are golden brown.
Make your Auju. Add 3-5 Tbs of Auju to your onions and cook.
Slice your bread. Butter and sprinkle garlic salt on them to your liking.Toast your bread in the oven (BROIL) until golden brown, take out and place your onions and slice of cheese on one side.
 Place back in oven- on Broil- and cook until cheese is melted- BE CAREFUL!! Broil will toast this fast!!!!
Take out and add plate your bread. Place your roast beef in the pot of AU JU for 30 sec- 1 min just getting some flavor and the meet warm. Place ontop of bread!
Pour your au ju in a bowl for dipping.
Slice and enjoy!

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