Glazed Carrots

Glazed Carrots are one of my favorite side dishes to make with any dinner. The best part is they are so simple and easy that you can make enough for 2 people or 20. For some reason a lot of people do not know how to make glazed carrots and asked me to put this up so I said I would. Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll need…

Baby Carrots
Orange Juice
Brown Sugar (optional)

First you need to decided how many carrots you want to make in order to know how much of the ingredients you want. This is more of an “eyeing it procedure”

Place your carrots in a Pot. You are going to want to fill the carrots with your orange juice and water mixture to cover 1/3- 1/2 of the carrots. (See picture) This will help steam them and the liquids will eventually evaporate.

For the Mixture I do 3/4 orange juice and 1/4 water. This is where you eye it for how mayn serving you have. 

Cook on medium- high heat with lid on until juices are evaporated or soaked into the carrots. Your carrots should almost be ready. 

For the last 3-4 minutes they cook I Drizzle honey on top of the carrots. Again this is where you eye it and depending on how sweet you want them. Mix them around and finish cooking with lid on. You can also sprinkle Brown sugar on top of them as well as the honey if you would like. 

Stir and they are ready. 2 servings usually takes about 12 minutes- 4 servings:20 minutes- 6-8 servings- 25 minutes if that helps. 

Enjoy!!! Yummmmmm

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