Homemade Croutons

I love homemade croutons! They are so easy to make and are so delicious! If you have never tried them then you need to! These always remind me of my dad because he always makes them with some 1-3 day old bread and puts them in a huge salad when we come over for dinner. You can also make these and freeze them for a salad down the road. SO if you have old bread from a dinner party or Italian night make croutons with them!!!

Here’s what you’ll need….
1-3 day old bread- I like to use an old baguette or french bread. 
1-2 tbs of butter
1-2 tbs of olive oil
fresh garlic

First slice up all your bread into little pieces. place the butter and 1 tbs of oil into pan. add the garlic and parsley also. Let the butter melt.

Add in your bread and pour the other tablespoon of olive oil on the top of them. Mix them up and cook until the croutons are golden brown. The smell is wonderful!

You can also add more of any of the ingredients if you think it needs more…

Top on salad and enjoy! All your guests will be talking about them!


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