Italian Veggie Salad

I love vegetables, especially growing them in a garden. It just makes them taste so much better when you know you grew them. I like to cute up a lot of fresh vegetables for my lunches to snack on through the week, but if i have some left over, i slice them all up and make this salad. So simple and delicious and it really makes me think of summer!!!!
Here’s what you’ll need…
Red onion
Red bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
Light Italian dressing
FETA cheese yummm(optional)
Slice up all your vegetables in bite sized pieces or chop them in your food processor. 
You can add as much of one ingredient as you like.. This is your creation!
Last sprinkle with S and P, and drizzle with you Italian dressing. Crumble with feta if you would like. 
Serve chilled! Enjoy.

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