Marinara Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp is one of my favorite types of sea food. They are also super fast to cook and so delicious. One of my favorite things to get when i go to Italian restaurants is just Angel hair with Marinara and Shrimp. Simple to the point and crazy good. You can use my Tomato Sauce Marinara or use your favorite store bought sauce recipe if your in a hurry. This literally took me 15 minutes to make and Everyone wanted seconds. Super simple and taste even better with garlic bread and a Caesar salad. 

Here’s what you’ll need..
Tomato/marinara sauce (see my recipe for sauce)
-or use your favorite brand
1 package of angel hair pasta- I use whole wheat
1 pound of large Shrimp not cooked. if you like more shrimp make sure you add some. I like everyone to get about 8 pieces each
1 tbs of olive oil or butter
Parmesan Cheese for topping
Basil or parsley for garnish- Optional

First you will want to boil a large pot with Water for your pasta- Use a dash of salt. When it boils add your pasta and cook until softened.

Drain your pasta and place back in pot. 

Add your pre-made Marinara Sauce. I like a lot of sauce so it depends on you how much you want. Make sure it coats all the angel hair. 

Now your going to take about 1 garlic clove and mince it up, or use 1/2 tbs of minced garlic and place in saute pan with 1 tsp of butter or olive oil. I like to use Spary butter. Cook on low heat to roast your garlic. Do Not Burn the garlic!

While your garlic cooks defrost your shrimp and take of skin and tails. You can also do this while your pasta cooks as well. 

Place shrimp in pan with garlic and cook shrimp for about 3-4 minutes until shrimp turns orange. The shrimp will also curl in.

Take shrimp and add to your pasta sauce mixture. Serve with basil or parsley as a garnish if you would like. 

I also like to serve this with a nice Caesar salad. 


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