Open Faced Chicken Quesadilla

This is a great recipe for an easy dinner or as an appetizer for a group of people because you can cut it like it’s a pizza! Perfect finger food and delicious at the same time! I love it because you can create it how every you want just like a pizza with all the yummy toppings!

Here’s what you’ll need….
I am not going to tell you how much because it depends on how many you want to make… this is where you can eye it…. lol

Refried Beans or black beans
Red onions or yellow
Sour Cream
Bell peppers
Olive Oil to cook the chicken
Salt and pepper for chicken

First cook up your beans in a separate pan and start to grill up your chicken in your olive oil with some S and P and a little Garlic Salt if you would like… Also add in a little chopped up onions for some flavor.After cooked though chop up or shred….

Next slice up all your toppings and begin to cook your tortillas in the pan with some olive oil on both sides to get golden brown. Then place on a cookie sheet and get ready to add your toppings and Broil in the oven.

I added beans on the bottom( like my sauce) then added the cheese, chicken, onion, peppers, and some more cheese on top. Place in oven and let it broil till cheese is melted and tortillas are crispy

Now take your sour cream and add in bag and cut a tip off the end to make a hole. Squeeze around the tortilla and garnish with Cilantro, Tomatoes, and Salsa.


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