Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I love hard boiled eggs and I love to put them in lots of things like salads, tuna, potato salad, or make deviled eggs with them. A lot of people have trouble making the perfect Hard boiled egg, but I am here to help you!!! 

I make Hard Boiled eggs 2 different ways!!! Yes I said it 2!!! Either boil them in hot water or bake them in the oven!!!!

Here is an awesome recipe from The Genius Alton Brown- I found this on These eggs are cooked in the OVEN!!!! Yes I said it- in the oven- Try this out instead of boiling them!!!

Alton Brown’s Baked Eggs

Prep Time: 2 min.
Total Time: 32 min.

Ingredients: Here’s what you’ll need….

2 – 4 dozen eggs
Cookie Sheet
Big bowl for Ice water

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Position the oven racks in the center of the oven.
Place the eggs parallel to the bars on the racks. 
Place a baking sheet pan in the bottom of the oven (just in case an egg breaks). 

Bake for 30 minutes.

When the eggs are done, fill a large bowl with ice water and move the eggs into the bowl. Make sure the water is COLD! 

Peel the eggs as soon as they’re cool enough to handle, then return them to the ice water to thoroughly chill. I think that the eggs are easier to peel if they are allowed to chill in the water for at least 10 minutes. 

Also, I peel the eggs under cool running water. 

If you want to BOIL your eggs here’s what you need to do…

First, put your eggs and a pot. Cover them with water, only about an inch overhead. Put them on the stove and turn it on medium high heat.

TIP!!!!!Cooking in cold water (vs. already boiling water), will allow the egg to cook gradually without cracking the shell.
Eggs that have been refrigerated for a few days work best. Fresher eggs are harder to peel.

TIP!!!!!! Add one teaspoon of salt to the water.

Don’t want to remove chunks of the egg white with the shell when you are peeling it? Adding salt (and less fresh eggs) helps with easier peeling of your hard boiled eggs. Don’t ask me why, but the salt does help.

As SOON as that water starts to boil (and I mean boil, not just a few bubble here and there), turn the stove off.
Set the timer for 10 minutes. 

When the timer goes off, remove the eggs from the pot and put them in cold water. You can put them in ice in a bowl like I did above or just run them under cold water for 5 minutes!!!

Let them sit for about 5 minutes and then enjoy.

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