Pretzel Kisses Bites

These are very easy to make and fun to have set out on your counter for a party or stuff in little bags for family friends. I love these because they look festive and are simply delicious!

Here’s what you’ll need….

One bag of M & M’s
1 bag of square pretzels. 
1 bag of Hershey’s kisses or hugs.

First pre heat your oven to 325 degrees. Get out a cookie sheet and place parchment paper on it. 
Spread out all your pretzels.

Unwrap all your kisses and place on top of pretzels. put in the oven for about 2 mins. They will not be melted yet.

Place an M & M on top and the kiss/hug should cave in. 

Freeze in the Freezer for about 10 mins. Take out and serve

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