Roasted Chicken

This was a great chicken if you are trying to save money and stay healthy. I bought a 4-5 pound chicken which feed about 3-4 people for only 4 dollars. I have roasted chickens before with herbs and butter but I think this simpler healthier chicken actually tasted better. All I used was Extra Virgin Olive oil, Salt and pepper. I know that’s it! The best part about this is after you eat the chicken you want you save the carcass and all and make chicken noodle soup from it and the amazing stock it will make! Which is the best!!! Recipe to come… 

Here’s what you’ll need…

1 4-6 pound Whole Chicken
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon pepper
1-2 small onions.
Lemons optional

First you need to wash the chicken and take out the giblets and neck which should be packed inside. Scrub the chicken down and make sure you get any remaining feathers that may be left on it. 

Place chicken on a cutting bored and pat dry with paper towel all over! Make sure you get all the water off and what was inside the cavity. 

Now slice up your onions and place in your baking dish. 

Place chicken in dish and sprinkle with Salt and your lemon pepper all over inside and out. 

Next add your EVVO and make sure you get it all over. 

If you would like you can place some lemons inside the cavity but I do not like it as much. 

Place in the oven on 425 degrees F for about 75-85 minutes. 

To make sure it is done you can use a meat thermometer or slice near one of the legs to make sure the juices are clear and meat is not pink.

Slice and Enjoy!!! You will find that it is so juicy and tender!!!

I might try this recipe again but add BBQ rub and sauce… hmmmmmmm

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