Swirl Sugar Cookies

These are a great twist to a fun sugar cookie without putting a ton of frosting on them but are still decorative. I used store bought sugar cookie dough but you can make from scratch which is better but I was in a rush. Another fun thing to do with them is because you do 2 colors you can always add flavoring in them. Such as for the red put Strawberry extract in them and they are like a strawberry shortcake cookie. Have fun with these and the colors, sprinkles, and flavors are endless. 

Here’s what you’ll need….

1-2 tubes of sugar cookie dough
food coloring
flavored extract if you would like

Remember you can make these for all holidays by switching out the colors and sprinkles.

First lay out your dough on wax paper and start to roll it on with a rolling pin.

Now I picked my color red for Christmas and put my food coloring and mixed the dough up.

When rolling out the dough, I used a smaller cookie sheet to measure the rectangle for both colors so that they were the same. You might have to use some flour also so that the dough doesn’t stick to the rolling pin

Make sure you keep them cold so they are easier to work with. I had to keep putting them back in the freezer so it was easier to roll them and cut them with.

Place the two colors on top of each other and start to roll them up. You can also cut this in half to make smaller designs.

Place roll in sprinkles and make sure you get them all around. Place back in fridge/freezer because its easier to cut the dough this way. 

Slice the dough about 1/4- 1/2 inch thick and place on cookie sheet. 

Bake in oven according to the directions on the package. 

Cool and Serve!

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