Creamy Alouette Avocado Dip

This is such a yummy dip that my sister Lindsay thought of and I would never have imagined to mix these 2 ingredients together, BUTTTTT…… This was a huge hit both times I have made it and my sister. If you are like my sister and I, we loveeeeeeeeeeeee avocados. But sometimes you want something different then just and avocado dip like Guacamole. Don’t get me wrong I love Guacamole but this can be good for any other occasion besides Mexican theme… So combining avocado and Alouette made a fabulous dip that can be served with crackers, pita chips, rice crackers or tortilla chips. The options are endless and you wont be sorry after you try this.

Thanks Lindsay for this creations!!!!

Here’s what you’ll need….
1 large tub of Garlic and herb Alouette
3 large avocados
Favorite chips or crackers… I like the Artisan Tostitos with Black bean and Garlic chips…

You can make a smaller batch of this with the small Alouette tub and 2 small avocados.

All you do is mash up your ripe avocados and add your Alouette. Whip with a fork until creamy or leave chunks of avocado if you would like.

Serve with your favorite dipping tool….

PS Sorry the pictures are so bad!!!!!!!

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