Pizza Pockets

Who doesn’t love Pizza rolls or pizza pockets. These are a perfect finger food for a party or for a kids slumber party. SO easy to make and you can make them very quickly. The pest part would be dunking them in marinara sauce! Kids will just love these!!! Thus recipe makes 28 Bites! You can also make these with other ingredients like ham and pineapple, or mushroom and sausage! Have fun with them!

Here’s what you’ll need….
3 small cans of home style biscuits
1 large block of Colby jack cheese or Mozzarella
1 bag of Pepperoni- Try using turkey pepperoni
1 jar of your favorite Marinara sauce or Try out my recipe!
Italian Seasoning
Garlic Salt
Parmesan Cheese
1 egg for egg wash over the top
First you will need to pre heat your oven to 425 degrees.
Next lay out your biscuits and spread them out a little bit so they are easy to stuff.
Slice your cheese in to 1 inch by inch blocks. Cheese melts into a small amount so the bigger the piece of cheese the better! I found out the second time I made these I doubled the cheese!
Get your pepperoni and sauce ready!
Add in 1 TSP of sauce then top with one of your pepperonis.
Now add your piece of cheese and top with 1 more piece of pepperoni.
Now you need to wrap the ingredients up with the dough. Bring all sides in and make a ball.
Do this for all your biscuits.
Place in a greased pan close together. I buttered the pan because it just make it taste that much better!!!
Now mix up your egg in a bowl and coat the tops of the dough balls. This will help golden them up.
Now sprinkle your Italian seasoning and Garlic salt on top. Also sprinkle Parmesan right on top. The more cheese the better!!!!
Place in the oven at 425 degrees for 16-20 minutes or until golden brown on top.
Serve with More Marinara Sauce or Ranch is yummy too.
Yummmmmmmmmmmmy Enjoy!
Check out my Marinara Sauce here……..

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