Italian Beef

Italian Beef….. What can I say about this easy but very delicious recipe, other then that it is AMAZING! It has the perfect balance of spicy and mild at the same time. It is so tender that the meat just falls apart in your mouth. This is perfect for dinner with your family or for a party. I love making this for Football game parties!!! Place in the oven in the morning and then its game time ready that afternoon!!! This recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in my family and I am sure I will be passing it down to my children as well. I hope you enjoy this awesome Italian Beef.


Here’s what you’ll need…

2-3 lbs Chuck roast or pot roast boneless
1 tsp Garlic salt
1 can of beef broth or beef consommé
1 can of beer
16 oz jar of pepperochinis- juice an all
1 tbs of minced garlic

Rolls to serve meat on

(I doubled this recipe for a big party… hints the pictures)


Lets start off with the meat, shall we?  Take out your big piece of beef and place in your oven safe pan. Don’t trim off the fat. The fat helps with the flavor. Rub garlic salt onto your meat- both sides.

Next, pierce meet on both sides with a fork.


Pour in broth and 3/4 of the beer. (Save the rest of the beer for later)


Now, poor in your jar of  peperoncini’s with the juice.

Implant about 3 or 4  peperoncini’s  into the meet. This helps give the meat awesome flavor. You can put some underneath your meat as well.


Place minced garlic on top of meat. Then your ready to cook it!!!


Cover with foil or lid like mine. Okay prepare to have your house smell amazing!!!!


Cook at 350-375 for 4-5 hours. Checking to see when meat is falling apart. Once it’s falling apart. Shred the meat with a fork in the juice. Add more beer and broth if needed, if  the juice gets to low.



I serve on a nice crusty soft roll and toast them in the oven with butter and garlic salt.  Place the meat in the bread and enjoy!!!



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