Sweet and Sour Chicken

Who said all Chinese food has to be full of Grease and fried!!! Sometimes I just get a craving for Asian food and their flavors but none of it is really that great for you with everything they cook it in. I decided I could make a healthier version of one of my favorites- Sweet and Sour Chicken! Same great flavors with about 1/4 the fat! And I did not fry the chicken in a batter I just simply sauteed it.

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Here’s what you’ll need…

2-3 Large Chicken Breasts-sliced and cubed- 1 inch pieces

1 large green bell pepper- sliced

1 large red bell pepper-sliced

1 medium onion-sliced

1 large can of pineapple pieces

1/2 cup green onion (optional)

1 Tbs of Ginger powder

1 Tsp of fresh Garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

1 jar of your favorite sweet and sour sauce

Serve over White or Brown Rice

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First, place your onion in the pan with 1 TBS of Olive or vegetable oil and begin took for about 5 minutes.

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Then add your peppers and cook for another 5 minutes. I like mine to have a little crisp still but you can cook them longer if you want them to be completely soft.

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Take veggies out and set a side.

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Next, slice up your chicken into cubes and season them with salt, pepper, & Ginger.

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Place in a skillet pan with your Garlic and cook your meat. 8-10 minutes or until cooked all the way through.

While your Chicken cooks go a head and Start your rice!

2013-11-22 002 2013-11-18 015

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Now add in your pineapple chunks. Make sure you drain the juice.

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Now comes the Bright and colorful veggies!  Mix everything together!

2013-11-22 002 2013-11-18 017  2013-11-22 002 2013-11-18 019

Now comes the good stuff! The Sweet and Sour Sauce!!!! Pour over and mix all together to make sure every piece is coded!

2013-11-22 002 2013-11-18 021 2013-11-22 002 2013-11-18 022

Serve over rise and I served it with a garden salad with Ginger dressing! Yummmm Enjoy!

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